Remote Support

Get remote help

by downloading Team Viewer. Once installed you will have a nine (9) digit ID and a four (4) digit password. With this information you can call us and we will remote in to help with whatever issue you may have that we can fix in under 30 minutes. For services normally done in-store, due to length of time, we will still ask you to bring your computer in instead. An example would be a screen replacement (obviously cannot do that remotely) or a virus clean (scans can take hours and hours). For simpler issues like printing problems, Microsoft Office product complications, unexpected or unwanted behavior, etc. we will assess and begin. Pricing for remote service is $50 for the first 30 minutes (minimum) and $75/hr after that. We try our hardest not to go over 30 minutes because it’s usually cheaper to bring it here for jobs taking over an hour because all our pricing is flat-rate and not by the hour here in-store. If we log in to your computer and do not correct your problem there’s never a charge. Once we log out we will refresh your password so we do not have access to your computer any longer. Access is granted by you the client on a per contracted basis. For any additional information please call or drop us a line.