Custom Builds

Synergies Tech takes pride in our custom builds.

Needs something catered to your needs?  Gaming Rig?  CAD design/rendering?  HD Video Editing?  Content Creation?  We can build you a fully customized computer based on your needs and budget.

All our custom builds are just that, CUSTOM.

After a free consultation we will get a parts list based on your budget and usage needs.  Then it’s off to the build.  We build efficient, long-lasting computers that will increase productivity without worrying about maintenance.

We can handle:

  • Overclocking
    • CPU
    • GPU
    • RAM
  • Water cooling
    • Custom loops
    • Closed loops
  • RAID
    • Raid 0
    • Raid 1
    • Raid 5
    • Raid 6
    • Raid 10
  • Industrial Backup Protocols
    • Automated Cloud Backup
    • Automated Imaging Backup
    • On-site Backups
  • NAS
    • High traffic storage arrays
    • Multiple user enviroments
  • SLI/Crossfire
    • Dual Triple and Quad setups
    • Workstation Grade Cards
  • Servers
    • Web Servers
    • Database Servers
    • Firewall/Security Servers
    • Small Business Servers
  • HTPCs (Home Theater PCs)
    • Watch movies anywhere in your home/business from one library
    • Listen to music on your stereo systems controlled right from your iPhone/iPad

Call us or come by today to find out how we can build you the computer of your dreams.